We are plased to provide you with the glimpse of infrastructure present at the university.


Class Room & Teaching Aids

The classroom are big enough to accommodate 60 students. All the classrooms are spaciously designed and are fully furnished with necessary technical aids like Over-Head Projectors (OHP), Slide Projectors, PA Systems and other on-line information systems.
The University is having a spacious library with rich collection of Text Books, Journals, Periodicals, News Paper, Magazines, Competitive Exam Books are also kept in the library for student's benefit. The students are required to deposit stipulated amount and may obtain the Books from the Book Bank. On completion of the session the Student will have to return the books to Book-Bank and the University will reimburse the amount deposited. Every student is given separate library card. Adjoining to Library, a well furnished study room is also available.
Computer Labs
The Computer Department of the Institute is equipped with adequate no. of core 2 Duo Computers and with latest & modern technology for training in the use of Computers in Biotechnology, Management & Administration of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Schools etc. Attendance in Theoretical & Practical training classes in use of computers is compulsory for the students. University is providing free training of computer for medical/Para medical/Management & other students of traditional.