Name of the Courses LL.M LL.B B.A LL.B
Duration of Courses 2yrs 3yrs 5yrs
Eligibility LL.B Graduation 10+2

About the Program

SaiNath University, situated at Chandway-KucchuRoad , is offering the above Courses related to Law. The different Criteria and the Eligibility gives the option to the students to opt as per their desire and necessity. Since there is age variation for different courses and also variation in the job , the students/ Professionals who are interested to make their career have the maximum opportunity after completing the Course in law.

Course Content

According to the Course designed, the LL.M Course basically deals with the Business Organization and Business Management, besides the dissertation in the relevant topic. The Subjects which deal with the LL.B Course are the Procedural Law, Indian Constitution, Law of Tort, Contract, Arbitration , Specific Relief and most relevant and linked with the Internationals with International Law and Human Right Law. However B.A LL.B Course gives the basic idea of the subjects related with Arts, so that the students may get aware with the different structure and function of the society, History, Political science and Economics with the Course study of LL.B. It is the most beneficial Integrated Course that not only saves the time but it also gives a professional degree.

Future Prospect

Law is the well established discipline from the very early period. Most of Our Freedom Fighters, Eminent Political Leaders, Economists , Social Reformers were from the legal Background. Whether a Student/Person wants to be I.A.S, Judicial Officer, Advocate, Professor or Law Officers in the P.S.U, Private Sector or Government Sector, even self Practitioner , he needs the degree of law, with lots of Prestige, Upper achieved Hierarchy and Money/Salary (Without Limit/ Limitless) . So “Law” is best degree in the ancient time and modern era too.

Therefore welcome to the dept. of Legal Studies, SaiNath University, Ranchi, where the respectablewill get not only the certificate of qualification, but the knowledge entitled with it, with the help of enriched faculties, environment, accessibility,…… etc

Department of Legal Studies