LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law)

Duration3 years (6 Semester)
SyllabusApproved by BCI
Form Fee1,000 (One Time)
Admission Fee10,000 (One Time)
Development Fee10,000 (One Time)
Tuition Fee20,000/- Per Semester
Exam Fee1,000/- Per Semester
Admission Time Diposition42,000/-
Total Course Costing1,47,000/-
Note :- An additional charge would be levied for issuing Provisional/Migration/Final Degree and Convocation.

Course Information

According to the course designed the LL.M course basically deals with the business organization and business management, besides the dissertation in the relevant topic. The subjects which deals with the LL.B course are procedural law, Indian constitution, Law of Tort, Law of Contract, Law of Arbitration , Specific Relief Act and most relevant and linked with International Law and Human Rights Law. B.A LL.B course gives the basic idea of the subjects related with arts, so that the student may get aware with the different structure and function of the Society, History, Political Science and Economics with the course study of LLB, it is the most beneficial integrated course that not only save the time but also gives professional degree.

Future Prospects

Law is well established discipline from the very early period. Most of our Freedom Fighters, Eminent Political Leaders, Economists, and Social Reformers were from the legal background. Whether a student/person want to be I.A.S, Judicial Officer, Advocates, Professor or Law Officers Practitioners, he need the degree of law, with lots of prestige, upper achieved Hierarchy and money/salary. So ‘law’ is best degree in the ancient time and modern era too.

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