Master of Business Administration

Duration2 years (4 Semester)
Form Fee1,000 (One Time)
Admission Fee5,000 (One Time)
Development Fee10,000 (One Time)
Tuition Fee22,000/- Per Semester
Exam Fee1,000/- Per Semester
Admission Time Diposition39,000/-
Total Course Costing1,08,000/-
Note :- An additional charge would be levied for issuing Provisional/Migration/Final Degree and Convocation.

Course Information

The MBA is a 2 years programme of study to prepare effective and efficient Managers, Entrepenure and Researchers for organizations as well as institutions in the field of (Finance, Marketing, Retails, HR, Operations, Hospitality, Hospital, Banking and Insurance, Education etc).

The MBA is a programme designed to prepare managers , entrepreneur and researcher to work as adaptive experts and transformative intellectuals. The programme is in response to the need for quality manager, entrepeneur and researcher which can develop organization and educations with a strong motivation and commitment to working in the sectors as well as deep professional knowledge that empowers them to understand the curriculum and social context. The programme is designed based on UGC norms and standard.

Future Prospects

After completing MBA, Post graduates may go for further advanced courses like PhD (relevant programs). Students also get jobs in different MNCs and Govt. sector organizations in different departments and also start their own enterprises (entrepreneur).

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